Our Family

Brian and Nicole S.

We are an Orthodox Christian family based in Kermit, TX. We believe in upholding tradition and health for the generations to come. What we eat is important and our children, especially, need wholesome foods to develop properly.

In the Beginning..

At the start of the COVID outbreak in 2019, grocery stores were running out of supplies and food. Our family came to the realization of how much people rely on others for necessities, such as food. It was a bit concerning. What we needed was self-sustainability. It's also good to know where your food comes from.

We got started on planting vegetables and herbs in our medium-sized backyard. Brian spent several days making an underground watering system with PVC pipes and a hügelkultur, a horticulture technique where you dig up the ground and place logs and branches underneath layers of organic matter. We used this natural raised bed to plant our potatoes in. It worked out fairly well and had a good yield. We also planted radishes and carrots. The carrots never got anywhere but when we harvested the radishes and cooked loaded radishes with sour cream, bacon, and green onions, it was delicious. One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is eating something you grew yourself. From that point on, we wanted to grow everything after that.

Then, once you take the homesteading pill, you eventually look for a source of protein. We got a hold of 7 Speckled Sussex chicks (which we thought were Rhode Island Reds) from Tractor Supply. We didn't know at the time that TS is notorious for selling chicks with the wrong labels on them.

Over time, we have traveled back and forth on 16-hour trips, here and there, for rabbits (more meat), and goats (for milk).

Our family will continue to grow in animals AND humans.